Story 1: “Gold Coasters are Going Vegan”

I found this story the most rewarding out of all 5 stories that were produced. My other stories were on events, therefore, it was exciting to source out a number of different people from different companies to provide me with quotes. I am personally passionate about this subject and statistics show that this lifestyle will continue to grow on the Gold Coast, which makes it very ‘Gold Coast Lifestyle’ themed. All of my interviewees were extremely happy to talk to me and provided me with more than enough information for my story. I hope to continue to produce lifestyle themed stories in the future.

Story 2: “Celebrating 111 years of the Gold Coast Show”

This story was one of the easier ones to produce as I was working at the Gold Coast Show at the time and was able to source out reputable sources. I was lucky enough to have this opportunity to be immersed in the Gold Coast Show during the show days, therefore, everything that is written about the show is genuine. As the Gold Coast Show moves on to it’s 112th year, I felt honoured to be able to write about it as it is the Gold Coast’s longest living event. It was important that a story like this was produced.

Story 3: “Swell brings tides of people to Currumbin Beach”

The story for Swell actually came to me when I was at the event itself. I was amazed by the artwork and thought I would look around for sources to see if a story with reputable quotes could be produced. I did not want to approach two attendees as my sources, therefore, I found an artist and one attendee as my source as I still believe it is important to see an audiences response to the event. The artist was very enthusiastic about being approached, and this made it easier to produce a solid story.

Story 4: “Orchid Show Blossoms in Mermaid Waters”

I decided to produce the orchid story as I felt like I had not covered a story that was aimed at an older demographic. I looked online for up and coming events that stereo-typically suited this demographic and was pleased with my findings when I attended the event. The sources were very happy to speak with me and spoke about the ‘dying art’ of orchid growing and care. I found this particularly interesting and decided to incorporate this notion in my article. I came to the realisation that there is importance in encouraging the younger community to learn for their elders, as if this is not done, various activities and hobbies will become a thing of the past.

Story 5: “Fit and Fun Family Day promotes healthy living for children”

I wanted to write a story on fitness as it plays a large role within the Gold Coast community. The Gold Coast is becoming more health and fitness orientated and events focused at this subject for children is particularly important. The event encouraged healthy living for children in a subtle way. The sources I obtained were solid, as I was able to get the manager and also a local visitor to weigh in on the event. The images did not turn out as I hoped as the event was very casual, however, that is what is expected with small community event.

Edited Stories:

I found the editing process a lot more difficult than my own writing process. I have not had much experience editing other people’s work before. I was apprehensive in moments of editing, as I did not want to offend people’s writing style. In saying this, I quickly came to the realisation that this was not important and they could take what they wanted from my editing as a way of bettering their work. All of the stories I edited, excluding Sara Weckerle’s disability story, where very simple, fun community event stories. This theme is easier to edited as the light-hearted nature of the stories allow for plays on words and fun sentences.

I found it difficult as I know that everyone produces stories slightly differently and I had to consider that things are not ‘wrong’ if they are not the exact way that I would write them. I have a certain habits about my own writing and a layout I religiously follow and it was interesting to see the way other’s word their stories and lay out their information.

I found simple grammatical errors more than actual wording or layout errors, and this made me realise the importance of checking for small things within my own work.

In the future, I would make an effort to have more notes for other’s. When I was editing, I found it hard to produce a large amount of notes, therefore, I often found myself writing ,”perhaps you COULD do this”. I wish that I was more stern in my editing and sure of myself as a writer to be able to say, “you SHOULD change this too this…”.

Overall, while there was struggles with my editing process, I found the job very helpful to my own writing as it made me look at me work a little differently. It was good to have a different  job to do and I learnt a lot from it.


I found the entire process of both writing and editing very beneficial to my degree and I find the most practical courses help me most. Not only do the practical courses benefit my degree, they are also a lot more fun than the standard course that requires a lot of assignments, exams and quizzes. In saying this, there is no denial of the stresses involved in creating stories with a deadline, however, this is something that all future journalists will have to get used to in their chosen profession. I would encourage others to choose ‘News Production’ if they want to pursue journalism as it was informative, practical, engaging and fun.